03 February 2010

Haz Llover

While walking to class this morning I found myself being very put off with today's weather. It's cold and wet and rainy. I couldn't wear my flip flops today (which I don almost daily) and I had to wear a sweater.. again, and it was utterly pointless to do my hair. Then it hit me that the rain is only gross because its an inconvenience. How selfish and unfair is it of me to take something that God decided to grace my day and this planet with and throw it away. So I decided for today's blog I would look up all kinds of good things rain does for us.

Typing in "What does rain do?" in Google comes up with some pretty snappy answers. A fellow blogger listed out five good things rain does in her life. And a kids website lists all the ways that water helps the earth. When I was on tour with the Continental Singers and was preparing for a performance in Costa Rica, we were having one of those days like today. There was a song that our Director taught us in Spanish. The lyrics are as follows:
Haz llover. Haz llover. Abre las puertas del cielo.
Let it rain. Let it rain. Open the flood gates of Heaven.
It was such a beautiful song and I found myself singing it in the car on the drive home today.

Here are some things the Bible says about rain:
Job 36:27-28 "He draws up the drops of water,which distill as rain to the streams; the clouds pour down their moisture and abundant showers fall on mankind.
I love that the Bible uses the word abundant, reminding us that God consistently and without fail pours out his blessings over His children, supplying us time and again with more than we could ever need. Psalm 147:7-8 reminds us that we should be praising our Father for the rain. It is purpose is all a part of His plan for providing a planet that can sustain our existence.
Psalm 147:7-8 Sing out your thanks to the Lord; sing praises to our God with a harp. He covers the heavens with clouds,provides rain for the earth,and makes the grass grow in mountain pastures.
And here in Hebrews we are taught that rain is sent as a blessing from God.
Hebrews 6:7 For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God.
Who am I to look upon Gods gifts and dismiss them as an inconvenience? God has so graciously blessed my life and has given me a beautiful home, surrounded me with loving friends, and has abundantly provided for me.

So here are my five good things I love about the rain:
5. I get to wear my sweater. Which I really do love doing. Plus it's one extra day I can wear the shirt I was going to wear today because no one saw me in it.
4. I don't have to worry about how I look today because everyone is wearing their rainy-day clothes and has rainy-day hair. Oh weather, the great equalizer.
3. One extra week till swimsuit season!
2. The rain dripping outside the window sounds beautiful! Its a perfect lullaby for the nap I sneaked in today. :) Also makes for an excellent cuddling excuse!!
1. God is blessing me and preparing the Earth!

Hey God, please help me appreciate your blessings every day and to recognize everything as a part of Your plan. Help me to look on the bright side and to use days like today to reflect what You are doing in my life. Thank You for all that You've done for me in spite of how little I deserve it. Please continue to make me stronger and help me to grow more like You! Amen.

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