08 February 2010

Uncomforable Situations

So it's been a couple days since the last blog. Friday and Saturday I was attempting to get all my stuff moved into my new house. For this, I was extraordinarily unprepared and still have a lot to do before this Thursday, when I have to be officially moved out. Still, I was listening for God. It can be very hard to appreciate your blessings when you are overwhelmed with the stress of life. But looking back I have to say I am so grateful. Not only for God's provision of a beautiful new place to call home and a roommate I like very much, but grateful also for Woody and Aaron and Phil and for their help with the move.

Sunday was a day full of odd little gifts. Jackie, Rebby, my wonderful boyfriend and I made the early morning trek out to Kingsville for my godson's dedication to the church. It was such a blessing to see Alyssa and Mike, they are wonderful parents and doing an awesome job raising him. I am so honored to be Noah's godmother, not to lie, I cried when Alyssa asked me because I was so excited. I'm still amazed at how big it is to be someones godmommy! I get to be apart of Noah's life for as long as I'm alive! I get to watch him grow up and be there when he becomes a big brother and starts Kindergarten and graduates and gets married and has kids of his own... Yikes just thinking about the commitment gives me goosebumps!

Most significantly, I have the responsibility of ensuring that Noah grows up knowing who God is, that He loves him, and that He wants to be a part of his life. I get to pray for him and be there for him if, Heaven forbid, something were to ever happen to Mike and Alyssa. I was so proud standing in front of that church, holding my godson, and promising to help raise him to know God.

I do have to admit, that the entire experience of participating in the ceremony really put me in an awkward situation. It's always unusual going to a new church for the first time. I have been blessed with the experience of touring with the Continental Singers while in High School, so I feel that maybe I am a bit more open minded when it comes to being accepting of new surroundings. Still, I felt very apologetic for my fellow attendees who had not been witnesses to the practice of being "Slain in the Spirit". It's not something I would regard a common practice here in the heavy Catholic/Baptist South. I'm not sure what the Bible says about it, but I know that as a member of the Methodist denomination, we don't practice it. It did not at all surprise me that it made others uncomfortable. To be honest, I was still uneasy about it but I decided to keep an open mind.

I believe that God takes you who you are, where you are, with what you have... and calls you to worship Him as you feel most comfortable. I'm telling you that this humble little church was aching for some musical direction, a drummer older than ten, and a parking lot.. but to God - the praises of that congregation fell beautiful on His ears. But it is hard to for non-believers to be receptive to God's love in uncomfortable situations. There was even a guy who chose to accept God that day but it almost seemed like the Pastor forgot about him during the prayer. He went off on tangents and with all the church members dancing around and the loud music and shouts to God, the guy kind of wandered awkwardly back to his seat in the pew.

It's situations like this where I really don't know what God is asking of me. I believe He wants us to wholeheartedly and whole-bodily yield to His awesome power. But if those practices of one church turn a non-believer off to our faith, what has it done?

Ahh lots of thoughts... blessings and love. Thank goodness He knows all... I dont think I could handle it!


  1. As long as God's message stays true and doesn't get corrupted by man, I think God meets people where they are spiritually. I am sure that that congregation would think that our Methodist service is boring and uninspiring...yet others may see our service as a little radical. Thank goodness God doesn't lock us into only one type of service.

  2. I love your transparent and honest blogs Miss Claire. Beautiful words.

  3. Thanks Sara Evelyn Martisek-Hinton (well, almost) :D
    And thank you, Anonymous.